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Ed and Ellen Schack are not your average couple. Both are CEOs of successful businesses, EES Cosmetic Solutions and Cowabunga Ice Cream. Both have been featured in numerous publications such as the Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, and Allure Magazine.

Both are committed to their family, they are a blended family, and both are Christians. Ed and Ellen not only have a positive outlook on life, but they developed a formula called “The Cowabunga Lifestyle.”

Driven by faith, this lifestyle is about not taking life too seriously. Through their family backgrounds and life experiences, Ed and Ellen have found a unique way to blend their families, business lives, and personalities in a way that complement each other.

Their model for living and working has a number of principles that audiences can benefit from whether they are working on improving their marriage, growing their business, or managing the rigor of everyday life.

These principles include Respect, Communication, Partnership, Fun, Family, Faith, Balance, and Well-Being combined with many operational components of business like Strategy, Vision, and Competition.

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